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Many regions of China experience extreme heat, with temperature records broken

Source:China Meteorological New Press18-07-2022

According to Beijing Climate Centre (BCC),by July 12 this year, the average number of high temperature day of China is 5.3 days, 2.4 days more than that in normal years, ranking first since 1961. The number of high temperature daysregistered from 10 to 20 days in southern Shaanxi, Henan, southern Hebei, central and western Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, central and northern Hubei, Chongqing, central and southern Xinjiang, and western Inner Mongolia. In eastern and southern Henan, northern Anhui, northwestern Hubei, and southeastern Xinjiang, this figure has surpassed 20 days. This figure in the aforementioned regions is 5 to 10 days more than that in the same period in normal years.

National distribution of the number of high temperature day from June 1 to July 12 in 2022 (unit: day)

Since June 13, China has witnessed the first regional heat wave weather process in 2022. It was wide-ranging, long-lasting, extreme, and impactful. By July 12, the high temperature event has lasted 30 days, covering more than half of Chinese land affecting over 900 million people.

National extreme highest temperature distribution from June 13 to July 12 in 2022 (unit: day)

The highest temperature in 71 national meteorological stations has broken historical extremes. The highest temperature in Lingshou, Gaocheng, Zhengding in Hebei, and Yanjin in Yunnan has reached over 44℃.

National distribution of extreme high temperature events from June 13 to July 12 in 2022

Reference: BCC

Editor: Liu Shuqiao